eBPF & DPU based Networking, Security and Observability platform

The Most Powerful Cloud Native Network Platform


Loxilight offers accelerated cloud native networking and security solutions based on eBPF & DPU.
This provides improved security, quality, visibility of high-capacity ultra-low latency services such as AR/VR/Metabus.

High Performance

Loxilight unleashes the speed of eBPF technology to help accelerate compute workloads by readily boosting networking and security performance many folds.    

Diversity of Software

Completely hardware agnostic with multi-OS support. Fully standards complaint with support for major public/private/edge cloud environments.

Flexibility & Control

Loxilight can be managed from public or private cloud portal. Wide range of APIs provides a highly advanced Kubernetes CNI. Go to production in a matter of days if not hours


Providing intelligent streaming and tapped telemetry measurements directly from the point of origin data-plane is crucial to understand what is happening in the network

Benefits of LOXILIGHT


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