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"Open Source Based MSA/MLOps Consulting Services"

Web Consultation

NetLOX specializes in opensource based cloud native platform 

Netlox has deep-expertise in the most widely used open source globally, including Kubernetes, Container Storage Interface (CSI), Kubeflow, and Kubesphere. Based on this, NetLOX provides architecture consulting, system deployment, and operational services for Kubernetes-based microservices / Kubeflow-based MLops platform.

Our Expertise


Microservice Architecture Design Consulting, Deployment, and Technical Support


MLOps On-premise Design Consulting, Deployment, and Technical Support

Case Studies

KETI research center : Kubernetes + Kubeflow on premise


We have successfully deployed Kubernetes, Kubeflow, Kubesphere on premise and worked closely with KETI team to integrate a Kubeflow based MLOps platform (on-premise) so that users can make models for better reproducibility and operate an Open AI hub.

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