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Pushing the limits of the Cloud to optimize and secure every point of bottleneck and vulnerability

Our History

NetLOX is developing software that solves the critical bottlenecks and enhances performance of next-generation edge cloud and network security. Our mission is to transform the existing networking, security and visibility infra landscape into a cloud-native and api-driven environment that seamlessly and securely extends to any cloud. With the rise of metaverse, the need to manage, monitor and optimize distributed networking and security elements has become the biggest challenge for various enterprises. 

NetLOX is building a cloud-native technology stack from the ground-up to solve these problems by using revolutionary technology like eBPF and DPU to give enterprise(s) and its users a high quality of experience and mobility without compromising on performance or security.


Feb       Patent Registration & Venture Certification

April      TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for startup Korea) Selection

July      Smart Service ICT Solution Development Project Selection