"eBPF & DPU based Networking Acceleration, Security and  Observability"


Cloud Network Intelligence

LOXILIGHT is a Cloud networking solution for both on-premises and public/private cloud environments.

It features a container-optimized application layer with integrated network services, advanced CNI plugins.

And I/O acceleration technology to provide a highly scalable, high performance solution.


How It Works

At its core, Loxilight uses eBPF tech to optimize container workloads  and enforce complicated security policies in the cloud-native world. eBPF is a revolutionary technology that can run sandboxed programs in the Linux kernel without changing the kernel itself. Engineered from the ground up, it readily provides 2x boost in networking and security performance for any kubernetes-native deployments for the edge, on-premise and  public/private cloud environments. Loxilight software is completely hardware/vendor and OS agnostic. It implements a highly advanced Kubernetes CNI Plugin and comes integrated with AI-driven analytics platform to provide an end-to-end modern cloud networking solution. Loxilight runs in two modes  -

  1. Pure eBPF mode     - Works on just about any off-the-shelf server platform

  2. Hybrid eBPF mode  - Works seamlessly with DPUs whenever such units are available


Loxilight  Deployment Model


Optimization for Cloud Native Apps


Compute Acceleration

By optimizing network policy and connectivity, more resources are now available to power your cloud-native apps


Superior Throughput

Readily improves bandwidth available for app connectivity by boosting the performance of data-intensive applications


Zero-trust Observability

Built-in iron-clad security features such as policy logging, connection tracking and stateful micro-segmentation further simplifies app designs

Key Benefits

COST Reduction

Loxilight powered compute acceleration lowers CAPEX requirements by a factor of ~3 and tremendously improves OPEX with its AI-powered analytics suite.


Lowers TCO  for any combination of on-premises or public/private cloud deployments by increasing ROI from existing infra.


High Performance

Loxilight readily boosts network throughput and security performance by 2x for most workloads. It can be boosted further by utilizing supported  DPUs in conjunction with Loxilight. 

Loxilight’s deployment requires essentially no upgrade to enterprise’s existing infrastructure.


Cutting edge features can now be deployed at a rapid TTM without the need to wait for a hardware or OS refresh.

The fantastic programmability ensures fast integration cycles with existing M&O of an enterprise

TTM Reduction